The Imperial Family of Iran in the Tent of Honour of Persepolis, during the reception offered by Their Imperial Majesties The Shah and The Shahbanou of Iran in honour of their guests. HRH Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, representing his wife, The Queen, is seen greeting the members of the Imperial Family.

On the left, Imelda Marcos, the wife of Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos, greets Their Imperial Majesties. On the right, having presented their compliments, Their Royal Highnesses The Prince and Princess of Spain go through the line of heads of state in the Tent of Honour. Seen on the right of Princess Sofia, born Princess of Greece and Denmark, are Jovanka Tito, her husband, the Yugoslavian President Marshal Tito, Elena Ceaucescu and her husband the Romanian President Nicolae Ceaucescu.

General view of the magnificent Tent of Honour, decorated in red and gold damask. The Shah and The Shahbanou are seen talking to their guests, just before the entrance in the Banqueting Hall.

The guests of the glittering state banquet prepare to seat in the outstanding table in form of serpent, in which all the most senior guests had their place, avoiding possibly difficult protocol matters.

His Serene Highness The Prince of Monaco and His Royal Highness The Prince Philip of the United Kingdom, Duke of Edinburgh, are seen chatting during the grand state banquet. To the left of Prince Philip sat His Royal Highness The Crown Prince of Sweden, who is not visible in this picture.

On the left, wearing a spectacular white fur coat and the Greek Key Tiara, HRH Princess Anne of the United Kingdom is accompanied by Don Juan Carlos, HRH The Prince of Spain, dynastic heir of the Count of Barcelona and designated heir of General Franco, whom he was representing. On the right, TRH The Prince and Princess of Naples, in their first official appearance after their religious wedding, a few days before, in Teheran.